The Reluctant Mama


Everyone knows the Gerber name, whether it is for their formula, baby food, clothing, or life insurance plan. They are one of the biggest names in the baby product industry. They want to catch you while you are still looking for the perfect products for your new baby.

Gerber has created the…

Oh, how thoughtful of Gerber… Here is a “Breastfeeding Basics Guide” that will subtly tell you that breastfeeding is REALLY HARD and you will probably give up and in case you do, no problem, here is some FREE FORMULA! Sickening. If Gerber really just wanted to get their name into mothers’ heads they could simply give the bag and bib and the pamphlets, but that is not what they want. They want to make sure they make a customer for life. They know that those first few weeks breastfeeding are hard. They know those are the weeks they are most likely to net themselves a tired, emotionally unstable new mother who will become brand loyal because “Gerber was there for me in my time of need.”  Really, Gerber exploited your time of need in order to make you a customer. Bravo, upstanding company Gerber is.